Clay geodes in progress.

This chocolate is what dreams are made of.

Sweetest desk tulips from @nodealsporto 💐💐💐

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I mean, yep.

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Langhorne Slim & The Law and The Lumineers

I Held Her In My Arms (Violent Femmes cover)

This is great.

Lazy girl’s guide to pasta: soak tomatoes, basil, & garlic in olive oil all day then sautée for 10ish then throw a bunch of linguine in it then eat it and be happy. Cheese encouraged.

Studying is dumb and boring.

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The 5 Bs of this morning’s hangover: Bubbly water, Breakfast tea, Banana, Bagel, & Blueberries.

#latergram of last night’s ratatouille tian. It looked better than the cookbook photo which is one of my biggest ever coups.